So I have this kinda funny story here.

I started a blog on Blogger a few years back called Simply Me. Me being me, after about a year, I ran out of things to write, and posted only sporadically.

Beginning of this year (2013, just in case you’re reading this is another year. Omg, that feels weird, to think that you might be seeing this in God only knows what year), I turned it into a full time book blog, after I got into reviewing books and stuff. Since the name Simply Me no longer fit, it’s now named I Read, Ergo I Write.

And then I found myself without a place to vent and spout off nonsense and just write random stuff that came out of my head.

And so, Simply Me was born again.

In a whole new avatar.

This is my corner of the virtual world.

You’re welcome to trespass.

P.S.: Still wondering about the ‘hihi’? If you’re like me, slightly OCD, you probably are. So: I like how it sounds. A bit more excited. Like an animated character. More specifically, like Boo.


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