The Unborn Child

Why am I to be killed
For no fault of mine?
Why am I to be killed
Like an insect in the turf?

What am I supposed to do, I wonder
When you have me quartered and killed?
Am I supposed to laugh for joy
Or am I supposed to cry?

You speculate, no doubt
Of why I’d laugh for joy
So let me tell you this
You’ll know it then for sure.

This world is full of cynics
And hearts where the sun never shines
The murderers, tyrants, and critics
Never rest ‘til a spirit is dead.

I dreamt I’d make it better
From pitiless to compassionate
But it’s your loss, do you know
For now you wont have me.

I woke up today
In raptures to be alive
But before I begin
You decide you don’t want me.

And then I’m pulled from my cocoon
And arrive before I’m ready
Into this cruel world
To be snuffed out before I breathe.

Mommy, Daddy
Let me ask you this
Why did you make me?-
To throw me away?

Mommy, Daddy
It’s pains so damn much
Oh why oh why, I wonder
As I writhe in mortal pain.

As the breath is ripped from me
In agonizing eternity
I realize, in that second-
I’m aged before I’ve lived.

And oh! as I breathe my last
I think, with a heavy heart
They said that death was cruel
But now I know, that life is even more so.


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