Her Someone…

It started when they were 5
Went on for a pretty long time.
What was ‘it’ you’d want to know
So I’ll tell you as we go along.

Friends they were, pretty close
Best in their group that grew
And often it was, they’d find themselves
Fellows in most all things.

Similar in thoughts
Both toppers in class
Favourites they were both
To most teachers, for sure!

The memories she has
Quite poignant, they are
And as long as she lives
They’ll never fade away.

Their breakfasts, they had
In the open ground
With mild wind and sunshine
And chirping birds’ company.

One day, she dared him
To eat an ant, he was
She didnt think she could do it –
He ate it with his juice.

One she remembered
most lingering of all
It was when they were 6
In science class, it was.

The circumstance had faded
but what he said had stayed
I’m sure you wouldn’t know it
But to tell you, I wouldn’t mind.

He was quarelling with a friend
She didn’t know what about
And then he turned to her
And shocked her; that he did.

I’ll marry you when I grow up
Is what he said to her
It was a while before she spoke
For speechless, he’d rendered her.

She tattled on him
For she was pretty mad
Like the good sport he was
He took it in his stride.

As they both grew up
She watched him from a distance
And somewhere along the way
He became her very first crush.

A lot of time has passed since
Almost a decade, I presume
But she still finds amusement
At being offered for at 6.

And as far as they may go
As long as they may live
He’ll always have a special place
You can rest assured of that.


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