The Yoga Tablet Goes To Hogwarts

The Great Hall filled with the sound of owl hoots and the flapping of wings, drowning out the chatter of the students filling its hallways and tables. It was time for post.

A brown speckled owl landed in front of Hermione, and extended it’s foot.

‘I say, Hermione, are you expecting something in the post today?’ asked Ron, eyeing the owl’s cocked head curiously.

‘Actually, no. Maybe Mother decided to send me some surprise cupcakes for Christmas’, she said, detaching the package from the owl’s foot. ‘Here you go. Five knuts for the service.’

As the owl fluttered off, Hermione carefully unwrapped the package, peering in, expecting cupcakes.

Just then, Harry came up from behind her and Ron, and stuck his head between theirs. ‘Wow! What have you got there, Hermione? An enchanted mirror, by any chance?’

‘I highly doubt that, Harry. For one, my parents are Muggles, remember? Where are they going to get their on an enchanted mirror from? And, what’s this thing sticking out from the back? No mirror I’ve ever seen has got an attachment right there. It looks like a metal plank with a wing on one side. Weird.’

‘Oh, wait! I know what that’s for!’ Ron snatched the plank from Hermione, neither of them noticing the sheets of paper that fell out from behind it. Ron set the plank on the table with the wing facing downwards. ‘Aha! Will you look at that! It’s a stand. Genius! I wonder from where Muggles get these ingenious ideas.’

But Hermione’s mind would bot be at rest. ‘But what is it for? That’s the question. It cant simply be a reflective plank that can stand, now, can it? Harry, any ideas?’


‘Harry?’ They turned around to see harry engrossed in a sheaf of papers.

‘Where’d you get hose from? And that doesn’t look like parchment. It’s thinner. And whiter.’ Ron looked at Harry like he had conjured the papers from his imagination.

‘Oh that, it’s paper, Ron’, Hermione explained.

‘They fell out when you took the plank out of the box, Ron.’ Harry looked up excitedly. ‘I think I know what this is, guys. You’re not going to believe this. Let’s go somewhere we wont be interrupted. Hermione, put the plank back in. We dont need any unwanted attention.’

The three trooped up the the Gryffindor common room, waiting outside for the Fat Lady to finish chatting with her friend Violet.

She took notice of them at last. ‘Oh, there you are. I was wondering where you three had gone to. Getting into trouble, as usual, is it?’ she fluttered.

Hermione spoke up fast, ‘No, ma’am. We would never.’

‘Hmph. So, password?’

‘Gobbledukes junkin’ Ron announced.

‘Right you are, Mr Weasley’, the Fat Lady swung open the portal. Harry, Ron and Hermione slipped in to settle in a quiet corner of the room, and leaned in towards each other.

‘Guys, I think we hold in our hands the very elusive Lenovo Loga Tablet, according to these sheets’, said Harry, as he waved the sheaf of papers in on hand, the metal plank on the other.

Ron gave him a blank look, but Hermione had a look of dawning comprehension on her face.

‘Mate, is your head on straight? What is that? A spell you just created? Another philosopher’s stone or something?’ Ron was genuinely puzzled.

Hermione turned to him excitedly. ‘No it’s not a philosopher’s stone. Dumbledore destroyed it, remember? The Lenovo Yoga Tablet is the yet to be released tablet in the Muggle world. But it’s legend is so famous, that it’s news has spread even to the wizarding realm. And you know how everyone is about Muggle devices, now that Voldemort’s gone for good. Boys, if this truly is the Yoga Tablet, then it’s extremely precious and cant be shared with anyone. They might want to confiscate it.’

Ron asked Hermione, ‘But Hermione, what does it do?’

‘What does it do, Ron? Well, it does just about everything. A better question would be to ask what it does not do. Here, give me those papers, Harry.’

After perusing them quickly, she raised shining eyes to them. ‘Anything. That’s what. We can do anything with this piece of metal, which, by the way, is called a tablet, according to these papers.’

‘Just imagine, now that I turned in the Time Turner, I can no longer go back to classes. But with this… tablet, all I have to do is record the class and then play it back to me. It seems that it has something called Dolby Digital Plus sound, which enhances the sound quality, so that it feels like we’re using Extendable Ears. Oh, this would be so helpful for Professor Flitwick’s classes.’

Harry and Ron got into the mood as well.

Ron gestured excitedly, ‘Harry, we wont have to subject ourselves to torture any longer during Astronomy. According to Dad, Muggles have something called ‘applications’. I think they have something to do with applying… something. So we just get these applications into the tablet, and I’m pretty sure they’ll have a star chart. Now all we’ll have to do is think up of some tragedies, and Trelawny will be happy.’

‘But boys! That’s cheating!’ Hermione was scandalized.

‘Hermione, you walked out of Trelawny’s class. You can stand her just about as much as we can, which is next to nil. Plus, it’s all a bunch of guesswork anyways. So it doesn’t make any difference.’ He turned to Harry. ‘We’re in for a grand term, mate.’

‘And Harry, what about you?’

‘I was thinking, you know those photos that Hagrid gave me in First Year? I could lift them onto the tablet (according to those papers, Hermione, that’s possible), and I’ll no longer have to lug the heavy album anywhere. All I have to do is see them on the tablet. And, with that handy stand on it, I wont even have to hold it in my hand!’

They continued to read the instruction manual.

Ron read, ‘The Lenovo Yoga Tablet has a long lasting battery, 2 times more efficient than others in the market. Hermione,’ he asked, ‘Battery means the potency, right? Like a potion? How long it lasts before it needs to be renewed?’

‘Yes, Ron,’ Haermione sounded surprised. ‘I didn’t know you followed Muggle news so closely.’

‘Always the note of surprise. But, my point is, this means it will last long into the night. Hermione, this is perfect for you! You’ll no longer have to learn by the light of your wand under the covers when night falls. You can study from the tablet. And, with it’s multi modification-‘

‘Multi mode, Ron. That means it can stand, sit and lie down at any angle you want it to, in case you were wondering, Hermione. Go on, Ron.’

‘Yes, so, with it- mulit mode, is it? – charm, you’ll be able to learn so much more comfortably. Come to think of it, you’re not the only one who need sit at night. Harry, what about the Marauder’s Map? Remember how we almost got caught by Snape in our third year?’

Harry sat up, ‘ How could I forget? The map insulted him, remember? I almost lost my marbles then. But I see where you’re getting, Ron. If we get the map onto the tab, that wont happen again. The light will be on the tablet, on which the map will also be, so as soon as we put it down, the light will go off, and we wont have any such close calls as we did before. Yes!’

Hermione looked at the tablet fondly. ‘This is just getting better and better.’

‘I know, mate. Isn’t it fascinating the things the Muggles come up with? Sometimes it seems like what they have is better than magic. Brilliant.’

And so the three continued marveling at the genius that is the Lenovo Yoga Tablet, proudly invented by the Muggles.

This post is written as a part of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet A #Better Way is Here contest on IndiBlogger.


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