When He Said Yes

See, there’s one thing about me that you should know: I’m super reserved and super shy and super anti social. Also, I’m very bookish.

So for one, the possibility of me proposing to someone is very remote. I think there’s a something very romantic about a guy proposing to a girl, and I think I would want that for myself. But if I did propose to someone, you can bet that it would have the written word involved in it in someway, in the form of a poem or a reference to a story or something else bookish. And before you ask, of course it’s understood that the guy is a lover of all things to do with words too!

This is probably how it would go…

*FYI, Names have been changed*

She sits at the table, writing diligently, often striking out entire lines and throwing crumpled sheets across the room.

“Argh, this is impossible!” she exclaims in frustration.

Her sister walks in just then and hears her.

“What’s up, kiddo? What’s bugging you now?”

Rasagna turns around. “Seema, I’m a 23 year old young woman. Dont you think I’m a little too old to be called ‘kiddo’?”

Her sister comes to stand behind her and ruffles her hair. “That may be true, but you’ll always be my kid sister, and this is just my loving way of reminding you of that every now and then.” She ruffled her hair as she looked over her shoulder and the written page. “What have you got here?”

“This? Umm…” Rasagna starts hesitantly, ” You know how Rahul and I have been together for a while now, right?”


“Well, something happened last year that I never told you guys. He proposed to me.”

Seema took a step back, staggered. “What?! And you never told us? What did you say?”

Rasagna rolled her eyes. “Well, obviously I refused, otherwise don’t you think we’d be married right now? I told him that I didn’t feel ready for marriage, and wanted to concentrate on my studies.”

Seema went to sit on the bed and leaned forward to hear the rest of the story. “And then what happened?”

“And then nothing. He said he understood, but he also said something else, which is the reason behind all this frustration now. He said that whenever I was ready, I’d have to tell him. He wouldn’t ask me again.”

“Ooh, now you’re in for it.” Seema laughed. “I’d give anything to see you propose to a guy. You, the anti-social ice queen, get down from your pedestal and ask him to marry you? This is going to be good!”

Rasagna threw a cushion at her sister. “Hey, you make me sound like a stuck up ass. Which I am not. And you could have a little pity, you know. This isn’t exactly my comfort zone.”

“Exactly. It isn’t. But I also think it’s a test of your love for Rahul. Because to have to go so far out of your comfort zone would definitely be proof of your commitment, and I think that’s something that both of you need right now.”

Rasagna nodded. “I think you’re right. But there’s no way I’m popping the question myself. I’ll make him do that part.” She laughed.

Rasagna tugged at Rahul’s hand when they’d taken a few steps into the restaurant. “Wow, this place is fancy, Rahul! I love the decor!”

Rahul smiled at her. “I knew you would. And seeing that it’s my birthday, I thought why not celebrate in style?”

After they’d taken their seats and were tucking into some delicious appetizers, Rasagna cleared her throat. “So… I’ve got a gift for you.”

Rahul looked surprised. “You do? Right now? But I didn’t see you bring anything with you.”

“You should know better than anyone that a gift doesn’t need to be all huge and visible to qualify as one,” she retorted.

“That is true. But hey, you’re enough of a gift for me. You know that, right?” he teased her.

“Haha yes I do. But I also know that you’re like a kid when you get gifts, so you can’t fool me with that, smart guy.” she returned playfully.

Rasagna bent over her handbag, and came up with an envelope after a bit of digging. She handed it to Rahul. “Open it. I’ve written something for you.”

Rahul looked at her quizzically and opened the envelope slowly. After he glanced at the paper inside. “This is a poem! You wrote a poem for me?”

He started reading. Rasagna kept her eyes glued to his face, watching his expressions as he went through the lines. She could see him reliving their days together as he read the words. He looked up when he was halfway through the page and smiled at her tenderly.

“Here, give me your hand.”

His thumb stroked her hand while he read the rest of it.

Rasagna waited for his reaction when he got to the end.

And she wasn’t disappointed. Rahul threw his head back and laughed.

“Oh, you are such a little minx! That’s a clever way of doing it. Last year, even as I was telling you that you’d have to ask me next time, I was thinking how exactly you’d get around that. Because I know you, and I knew there’s no way you’d ask me directly.”

Rasagna laughed with him a little nervously, “But you’re not disappointed, right?”

Rahul chuckled. “No, I’m not. I must confess there’s a little part of me that would like to go the traditional way. But seriously, that last line? ‘I dare you to ask me to marry you?’ Ingenious. I never could resist a dare in my life.”

Rahul took Rasagna’s hands in his, continuing to chuckle, and then looked at her. He sobered, and a soft smile swept across his face. “Rasagna, you clever woman who’ll always keep me on my toes, my love, will you marry me?”

Rasagna threw her head back and laughed. “Yes! Yes, yes, a thousand times!”

And with tears in her, and a smile, she teased him, “And don’t think you can wriggle out of getting me a ring”

This post is written for the Indiblogger Happy Hours contest courtesy Close Up.


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