The Resurrected Bucket List

I dont know if anyone out here has been reading this blog long enough to have noticed this little thing, but well, anyway…

(Actually, you should’ve been following right from the beginning if you had to have noticed this. And since highly improbable that you have, I shall tell you the story :D)

This blog here is not my first outing on the blogosphere. My first was an identically named blog over at Blogger, where I used to post little tidbits about my life, poetry, and pretty much anything that struck my fantasy, however rare. But I soon ran into a block, and the blog began suffering… A couple of years ago, I discovered book blogging, realised that I’d found my niche, and jumped feet first into that wonderful world that I am still completely enamored with.

But then I ran into another hassle – where would I post my little bits of nonsense now that I’d converted my place into a book blog? I was not interested in veering away from the concentration that I’d picked for I Read, Ergo I Write, and I also felt like it would be a slight dilution of the content… Which is how Simply Me was reborn here at WordPress.

One of the things I moved over from Blogger to WordPress was this bucket list that I’d kept forever on my sidebar. They weren’t very outlandish things, but simply stuff that I felt were realistic, and really would have loved to accomplish. But that was like, 6 years ago, I think.

And luckily, this contest has provided me with the opportunity to resurrect the old bucket list that never did make it out to the public. The one that stayed in my head… the one that I brushed off as impossible…

If I had no constraints, nothing to hold me back, and unlimited resources… what would I do?

Well, here goes.

  1. Books: Have a massive, warm room with at least high backed winged chair, and wall to wall, floor to ceiling shelves filled with books. Everything that I haven’t read and would love to read, and maybe even those that I wouldn’t love, but would still contribute to the broadening of one’s mind.
  2. Become a fashion designer: This is probably the most far fetched of the items on this bucket list, but I would love to one day become a fashion designer. I have an intense love for clothes and also, I believe (and have been told), an intuitive way of matching them up together. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could share that with the world?
  3. Time to fly, little bird: My friend recently sent me a card that said ‘Time to fly, little bird’ on it. Oh, wouldn’t it be simply wonderful if I did? To just fly, where, when or how, I do not know, nor care. But to do so? Ah, it would certainly be such a dream
  4. Write: Actually, you know what? I just changed my mind, I think this is the most far fetched thing on this list here. I do write, as you can see here. But to write well? And to write a book? A novel? To be able to make sense of the jumble of thoughts that is my mind and to coax a comprehensible story out of it. Would it be possible?
  5. Keep my family happy: This is not something materialistic, though materialistic resources would certainly help to bring it about. But on the day that I stand on my own feet, I want to be able to also see to the happiness of my family – my parents in particular.

And there you have it! That’s my bucket list. What’s yours?


This post has been written for the Indiblogger Happy Hours contest courtesy IDBI Bank.


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