When Cricket Comes Calling

One thing that almost every single Indian has in common – their almost unhealthy, and certainly fanatic obsession for cricket. I fall into the minority, bu oh well, I’m unique that way :D. I don’t watch the game, I don’t understand the game, and I highly doubt I will ever take the effort to either.

I do, however remember the times when my father would sit up late at night watching games (if they were happening in a different time zone) and cheering when an Indian player hit a sixer or anything similarly celebration worthy (my knowledge of cricket is so abysmal, that I don’t even know what else is considered extraordinary). The recent World Cup this year had him on the iPad almost every single time India played, and I got used to the sounds of cheering and the drone of the commentator invading my room on a quiet evening or a sleepy night.

But however much I distance myself from all the craziness of the Indian Cricket Madness, it is still inevitable that I get caught up in the fever during high tension games like the one that India played against Pakistan a few years (or months, I dont remember) ago, and the last world cup when we won the tournament. I will admit that I did cave in on the day of the match and change my Facebook profile picture to a ‘Bleed Blue’ poster, and I did get slightly moistly eyed when we won. Its a matter of patriotism, after all 😉

But I’ve always wondered about the people who follow cricket religiously… How is it that they manage to devote so much time the game amidst so much else that must be happening in their lives? Surely there must be an important meeting or an emergency that must crop up sometime (FYI according to Murphy’s Law, its impossible for something not to go wrong at some time)? So what do they do then? Or if they’re travelling during a match?

But who says that cricket should be watched on TV only? Like I mentioned earlier about what my father does, I’m sure a lot of people resort to using their remote devices to keep up with live games these days. I know I certainly do that for my TV shows. But one thing that always frustrates me is the slow speed that we inevitably encounter when we try to watch a live coverage of something. With the technological advancement that has become such a huge part of our lives these days, we’ve become used to a fast pace with everything, and that buffering wheel has become one the most irritating sights ever.

However, what if you had everything you could ever want to know about cricket at the tip of your fingers? And if you could watch a live match at a considerably higher speed than with your usual browser? UC Browser seems to have come up with something that caters  to the needs of a cricket fanatic. UC Cricket is an in-app feature in the UC Browser that when enabled, allows you to be up-to-date with cricket news. It also contains separate tabs for live updates, scores, and a chat room. Game watching is also made easier. Its an allround win-win for everyone!


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